Missing in Action

Feels nice to be back after a long hiatus.. Wow! so many things happened in life – travel, injuries, vacation (to attend brother’s marriage), longer term projects etc., But the biggest of all was the birth of an angel. Yes we had our first child – a beautiful girl last year. She kept her daddy busy for the most part of the last year and first half of this year. Now, she understands that daddy has other things to do and has been kind enough to let me do what I love most (well after her) – share my thoughts and findings.

Although not finding a mention here, couple of interesting, but long projects kept me busy all this time. I have blogged/published/presented them elsewhere. I will just provide links here so that you know where to find them.

  1. Achieving 1 million IOps from a single vSphere host – http://blogs.vmware.com/performance/2012/03/a-conversation-about-1-million-iops.html
  2. Storage vMotioning a virtualized SQL Database – http://blogs.vmware.com/performance/2011/11/svmotion-sqlserver.html
  3. Storage vMotioning on a EMC VNX storage using VAAI – Presentation# USD.40 @ EMC World 2012

Collaborated with my friends Y.P.Chien and Eddie @ Kingston to publish several studies on vSphere Memory management. One of them is here:

  1. The Yin and Yang of Memory over commitment  in Virtualization http://media.kingston.com/images/usb/pdf/MKP_339_VMware_vSphere4.0_whitepaper.pdf

You may have already seen these. If not, roll your eyes over them. You may find these interesting to keep your eyes glued to them.

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