Who am I?

About Me:

A voice for virtualization and a performance geek spending professional and personal life on the opposite ends of the Bay in Silicon Valley. I have a basic degree in electronics and communication, an advanced degree in computer science and engineering, but an expertise and a passion to study the meeting point of the two.

Over the past few years, I have spent time understanding and quantifying performance of vSphere software stack, studying behavior of enterprise applications such as databases, mail servers, java and few custom applications. Using the knowledge gained through scientific studies, led projects focused on showcasing industry leading performance of VMware’s flagship product vSphere, optimizing the algorithms powering the core engine of vSphere stack, and the development of resource management components. I have now landed in a company that is aiming to solve a well-known problem in an intriguing way that needs no change to the existing infrastructure (are you kidding me?).

I have a never ending passion for understanding the intricate interactions of the components of a datacenter.


Content published here is not read or approved officially by the company I work for and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the company. This is my personal blog, hence the views expressed here are completely personal. However, I will mostly talk about my current work, future plans, interesting problems I faced in my day-to-day work and possibly solutions to those problems, mostly things I don’t talk in my papers (due to lack of space and time). The articles will be mostly technical and I believe will be useful to readers.

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